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Cecco Angiolieri

  S’i’ fosse foco…  nell’interpretazione di Vittorio Gassman. CLICCA QUI.

  S’i’ fosse foco…  nell’interpretazione di Fabrizio de Andrè. CLICCA QUI.

E in traduzione inglese:

If I were fire

If I were fire, I would consume the world;
If I were wind, then I would blow it down;
If I were water, I would make it drown;
If I were God, t’would to the depths be hurled.

If I were Pope, I’d have a lot of fun
with how I’d make all Christians work for me;
If I were emperor, then you’d really see –
I’d have the head cut off of everyone.

If I were death, then I’d go to my father;
If I were life, I’d not abide with him;
And so, and so, would I do to my mother.

If I were Cecco – as in fact I am –
I’d chase the young and pretty girls; to others
Would I leave the lame or wrinkled dam.

Ispirandosi a Cecco: Giorgio Gaber, Io se fossi Dio

« E allora
va a finire che se fossi Dio,
io mi ritirerei in campagna
come ho fatto io. »

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